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Where to Place Your Feeders

One of the best ways that you can ensure successful bird feeding in your yard is to carefully consider the placement of your feeders. Baffles and seed choice are also important, but if feeders are easily accessible to critters, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle! Squirrels are amazing acrobats, leaping to feeders that are 4–5′ off the ground, up to…

Discovering Birds at Age 11

Discovering Birds at Age 11

A Trip to Madera Canyon Ignites Interest Forced into distance learning due to COVID-19, Athina Toeniskoetter’s family chose to spend the winter in Arizona near her grandparents. When a bird enthusiast and family friend came to visit, Athina reluctantly agreed to tag along on a day trip to Madera Canyon. The canyon’s visitor center had dozens of bird feeders that…

Easy Bird Identification using the GISS method by Bob Janssen

Easy Bird Identification

Did you ever think about the fact that more birds are heard than seen? This article, then, should be about the identification of bird song, right? But the art of learning bird song is one of the most challenging for birders of all skill and experience levels, so we’ll keep that for another article. In this discussion we’ll focus on…