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October Happenings

Seasonal Update

Historically, October is a month of sunny skies. Expect several early frosts followed by pleasant warm-ups, including some summer-like days with above-normal temperatures and little or no wind. Below are some entries from our Jim Gilbert’s Phenology Archives to help you compare months from one year to another. What else is happening this month?

For years, Minnesota naturalist and author Jim Gilbert recorded seasonal happenings in his phenology reports. Looking back at these reports, we can make educated guesses at what we can expect in the month ahead. Take a look at our archive of Jim Gilbert’s Phenology reports.

And make sure to pick up our September/October Bird’s-Eye View Newsletter. Learn about the wonder of wings and flight, and what birds you may see in fall. Plus, read our seasonal notes, with tips for what you need to do in your yard each month!

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Backyard birding


Getting Started

Getting Started

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Attract Species

Attract Species

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MN Bird Guide

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