Store-to-Door Services

We want to make feeding your backyard birds as easy as possible. With this goal in mind we offer Store to Door Services to help you.

Local Home Delivery

Convenient Seed Restocking. Our Home Delivery service allows Twin Cities Metro Area customers to have bird-feeding supplies delivered right to your door on a regular schedule or as needed. We deliver to all of the metro areas at least once a week, the schedule is based on your location.

Call our Minnetonka—Ridge Square store for more information or to place an order: 952.473.4283

“Our son plays traveling sports, so we’ve come to depend on Local Home Delivery when we just can’t make it to All Seasons Wild Bird Store on the weekend. I love that they’ll even fill the feeders for me when they’re here!”
– Katrina Hase, Local Home Delivery Customer

Feed-and-Fill Program

Are you too busy or unable to keep up with filling your bird feeders? Why not call us to schedule regular feeder filling? You can schedule for filling every week or as necessary, we can tailor make a schedule to meet your needs. We can also bring the products you need each visit, or use what you have on hand.

Feed-and-Fill Services Include:

  • Check feeders and fill if needed, including hummingbird and oriole feeders
  • Clean and maintain feeders as needed
  • Clean and fill birdbaths

Call our Minnetonka—Ridge Square store for more information or to sign up for our Feed-and-Fill services: 952.473.4283

“As I got older, it got more difficult to lift heavy Seed bags. So when I found a store that would deliver the seed, unload it, and stack it for me, I was thrilled!”
– Penny Winslow, Feed-and-Fill Program Customer

Vacation Feed-and-Fill

Keep Your Feeders Full While You’re Away. We can provide our convenient Feed-and-Fill Services while you are on vacation.

Call our Minnetonka—Ridge Square store for more information or to schedule a Vacation Feed-and-Fill: 952.473.4283

We also offer feeder cleaning and repair! Learn more about our In-Store Services.

“We have four major feeders and active populations of birds. We were concerned that if we didn’t supply a consistent source of food, the birds that depend on us would move on. So I called to set up the Vacation Feed-and-Fill program when we were going out of town. They were so easy to work with—we’ll use them again this winter!”
– Dan Gatto, Vacation Feed-and-Fill Customer

Bird House Pole and Pole System Installation

We can help with bird house maintenance and installation, including Wood Duck and BlueBird houses, as well as setting up a pole system for your feeders.

Call our Minnetonka—Ridge Square store for more information: 952.473.4283