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Repel Bees and Ants

Bees and ants on hummingbirds and oriole feeders can be pesky problems, especially in the feeding frenzy of late autumn. Here are some tips for dealing with these unwanted pests.

Treat nectar ports with a dab of pure mint extract.

The scent has been shown to repel bees and wasps. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need repeat the application daily at the height of pest season.

Install a bee guard.

A bee guard is a mesh insert for some hummingbird feeder models. They work to physically block bees and ants from climbing into the nectar port.

Ants on a hummingbird feeder
It can be frustrating when ants raid nectar feeders! Luckily, we have solutions.
A hummingbird feeder hangs from an upside-down-cup-shaped ant moat
Hang nectar feeders from an ant moat filled with water.

Hang an ant moat.

The best solution we’ve found for discouraging ants is to hang an ant moat above your nectar feeders. The water creates an impassible physical barrier, since ants can’t swim. You can pick up a stand-alone ant moat for existing feeders, or consider purchasing a feeder model with a built-in ant moat, like the Aspects(r) Hummzinger or Bird’s Choice(TM) Oriole-Fest Feeders.

Try Nectar Fortress™.

We now carry a “Nectar Fortress” an ultra-safe natural hummingbird ant repellant. (See the video, below!)