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Avian flu update

Avian Flu Update

Editor’s note: We continue to monitor the situation and will update this post as we receive new information. APRIL 28, 2022 from Birds & Blooms Magazine: Bird Flu: Should You Take Down Your Feeders? By Lori Vanover Updated: Apr. 28, 2022 Will avian influenza affect backyard birds? Find out if you need to take down feeders, plus learn bird flu…

how to clean your feeders

How to Clean Your Feeders

Regular cleaning of your backyard bird feeders is important for keeping our birds healthy. We encourage you to check your bird feeders every time you fill them to make sure they are clean. This helps reduce the spread of diseases. Here are a few resources for how to clean your feeders. In addition, our All Seasons Wild Bird Store locations…

Where to Place Your Feeders

One of the best ways that you can ensure successful bird feeding in your yard is to carefully consider the placement of your feeders. Baffles and seed choice are also important, but if feeders are easily accessible to critters, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle! Squirrels are amazing acrobats, leaping to feeders that are 4–5′ off the ground, up to…