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Joe's Mix

The Joe’s Mix Story

In a small garden center south of Saint Paul, Minnesota, an enterprising Irishman named Joe Murphy began experimenting with seeds. His passion for birds compelled him to attract them to his feeders. Mixing seed by hand in a 55-gallon drum eventually led him to a recipe that birds couldn’t resist. It wasn’t long before customers at the garden center discovered…

Birds of MN Book

Review: Birds of Minnesota–3rd Edition

  The newly released 3rd edition Birds of Minnesota, by local but internationally known naturalist and author Stan Tekiela, is also published in Minnesota at Adventure Publications in Cambridge. This third edition includes 14 new species of Minnesota birds from the first edition, updated photographs and range maps as well as expanded information in Stan’s Notes- naturalist tidbits and facts.…

The Most Effective Squirrel-Resistant Feeders

In our opinion, Squirrel Busters are the most effective squirrel-resistant feeders around. Along with their ability to foil squirrels, the Busters have a great design promoting air circulation to prevent seed spoilage and are easy to clean. They’re our best-selling feeders, so our customers must agree! Plus—The Squirrel Buster Weather Guard The UV-protected polycarbonate Weather Guard easily attaches to the…