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Bird’s-Eye View and Jim Gilbert’s Phenology

Here at All Season’s Wild Bird Store, we’re committed to providing up-to-date, seasonally appropriate information about backyard birding to our customers. We publish a printed newsletter 6 times each year, full of colorful images and employee-written articles. And until his retirement in 2019, we published a printed flyer with phenology observations from accomplished naturalist, Jim Gilbert.

Bird's-Eye Newsletter example cover

Our flagship newsletter, Bird’s-Eye View, is an award-winning, colorful look at seasonal topics, tips for improving your backyard bird habitat, and profiles of backyard birds. The current issue is available online or in print for free at any of our neighborhood stores.

Phenology example cover

Jim Gilbert’s Phenology tracks the arrival and departure of birds, blooming dates of plants, and other interesting notes of local flora and fauna. Now retired, Jim Gilbert is a home-grown Minnesota naturalist with extensive experience sharing his observations on the radio and in the newspaper.