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Summer seasonal tips

Your Summer Backyard Checklist

  • Our Vacation Feed and Fill service will take care of your birds while you are on vacation. Call our Wayzata store at 952-473-4283 for more details.
  • Attract more goldfinches with The Best Nest Builder™ nesting material. American Goldfinches are our latest nesting songbird, nesting in July and fledging young in August.
  • Keep your Nyjer™ feeders clean and full to attract goldfinches. Unlike most songbirds, goldfinches feed their young a slurry of seed.
  • Provide mealworms, suet pellets and suet to help adult birds to feed their young.
  • Plant additional sunflowers from seed July 1 to provide blooms into the fall. Goldfinches, house finches and chickadees will eat from the seed heads as the plants mature.
  • Use an in-shell peanut feeder to draw the Blue Jays away from the other feeders, because smaller birds and new fledglings fly off when Blue Jays fly in. Place it in a tree under a hanging squirrel baffle well or on a shepherd’s hook with a baffle well away from other feeders. Blue Jays are beneficial because they alert other birds to the presence of predators such as hawks and cats.
  • Add extra birdbaths to help birds beat the heat in your backyard. Moving water attracts more birds and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs in stagnant water. Also, we recommend the Water Wiggler™. The unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in the water.
  • Add Birdbath Protector™ to your just cleaned birdbath to provide healthy drinking water. Clean baths with 9 parts water to 1 part bleach, rinse well.
  • Keep oriole feeders up through the first week of September. Supply mealworms, nectar, grape jelly, oranges or dark grapes for the last orioles of the season.
  • Repel pests from nectar feeders. Bees, wasps and bald faced hornets are deterred by mint extract on nectar ports. Hanging the feeder from an ant trap prevents ants from reaching the nectar.
  • Replace your Window Alert™ decals every six month to prevent window strikes. For some birds migration begins in August.
  • As birds gather in pre-migration flocks, avoid large numbers of grackles and starlings at feeders by filling feeders with golden safflower or white safflower. Use Bye, Bye Starling to provide a sunflower mix but still discourage European Starlings.
Many hummingbirds feed at once from a dish-style feeder
Hummingbirds are active at nectar feeders and flowers into October with the females and juveniles staying the latest in the fall.

Remember—most fledglings do not need human assistance. Adult birds are nearby and will return to feed the young after you leave the area.