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Troubleshooting Insects

Discouraging Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moths are a very common pest found in grain and cereal products, including bird seed. Their presence is not an indication that your birdseed is spoiled, just that it contained larvae, which is common.

That said, here are some strategies to discourage meal moths. 

  • Freeze seed for 72 hours before storing (or store seed in the freezer)
  • Store seed outside or in the garage in raccoon-proof cans
  • Tape a meal moth trap on the underside of the metal lid of your seed container
  • Use Hot Shots Meal Moth No Pest Strips (or similar brand) in the garage and any areas away from food that can be closed up…closet, porch etc. (purchase at your local hardware store.)
  • Rotate your seed supply so that it’s “first in, first out.” Buy in quantities that you’ll use up in one month.

If you already have a moth infestation:

  1. Remove the infested material.
  2. Wash out bird seed containers with white vinegar or bleach and let dry thoroughly.
Indian Meal Moths
Meal moth larvae and adult moths

Simple Seed Storage Tips