Birch Log Feeders

Truly Natural Beauties

It is November and autumn has settled in—our days have grown shorter and our nights have grown longer. Many of our favorite backyard birds have migrated and others have formed large flocks for security. Now more than ever, we Minnesotans appreciate little bits of light, beauty and joy like the flash of red from a Northern Cardinal, or a cheerful “deedeedee” from a Black-capped Chickadee or the raucous arrival of a Pileated Woodpecker.

As the autumn color begin to fade away—our native birds adapt accordingly. Many flock to backyard feeders offering various seed, peanuts, and suet, which is highly beneficial food source especially during cold weather months. Suet is derived from the fat removed from meat. It is processed into many forms including plugs, nuggets, cakes and balls. It is easily digestible and highly attractive to woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays and chickadees.

Here at the Eagan All Seasons Wild Bird Store our top selling suet feeder is truly a “natural beauty,” as it is made from the beautiful, white wood of the birch tree. We source our birch suet log feeders from a local small businessman who measures, cuts and drills the birch logs providing multiple feeding ports and excellent tail support.

The birch log suet feeders can be hung in trees and on poles alike. Our favorite birch log suet feeders are a bit on the heavier side and contain a hint of character, i.e. a knob or crook. They are uniquely beautiful and reasonably priced. They are our go-to gift item for the bird enthusiast who has everything.

Our birch log suet feeders are especially fun to watch during the winter months as well as during nesting season. Moreover, they provide a great distraction for woodpeckers who are attracted to cedar-sided homes.

At the Eagan All Seasons Wild Bird Store our very favorite suet is produced in Austin Minnesota by Woodpecker Products. Their suet plugs comes in several flavors: sunflower, plain, no-melt peanut butter and our top seller: roasted peanut.

Looking for a unique gift for the bird lover in your life? Shop our birch log suet feeders now.

By Eagan Manager ANN McCARTHY

Birch log suet feeder and suet plugs