The Linelle Special

Linelle Johnson is a Senior Sales Associate at our Eagan All Seasons Wild Bird Store location. He has been a backyard bird enthusiast for 20 plus years. Linelle aka “Lin” joined the Eagan team five years ago and has created quite a loyal following. Upon my arrival to the store several years ago, I soon noticed that Lin had a very specific set of feeders he enjoyed sharing with customers, which I coined “The Linelle Special.”

“The Linelle Special” consists of the following:

  • Aspects Quick Clean Big Tube with corresponding Aspects Quick Clean Bigfoot Tray and Songbird Delight
  • Birch Log Suet Feeder with the roasted peanut suet plugs
  • Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder
  • Songbird Essentials Peanut Wreath
  • Bird’s Choice 12 oz Oriolefest Oriole Feeder
Linelle (aka "Lin") Johnson

The Aspects Quick Clean Big Tube has six sturdy perching options with wider openings, which are highly desirable for many birds. It’s large tube size holds a generous amount of seed requiring fewer trips to the seed bin.  Another wonderful feature of the Big Tube is it’s durable, quick clean release mechanism, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Lin always couples the Big Tube with an Aspects Quick Clean Bigfoot Seed Tray because as he will tell you “the cardinals love a tray and you will get more birds for your buck.”

Birch log feeder

The Birch Log Suet Feeder is a truly beautiful feeder that is hand crafted in western Wisconsin. The feeder brings in the many different types of woodpeckers including: the Northern Flicker, the Pileated Woodpecker, the Red-bellied Woodpecker, the Downy Woodpecker, and the Hairy Woodpecker. Lin exclusively uses the roasted peanut suet plugs from Woodpecker Products located in Austin, Minnesota.

Hummingbird window feeder

Lin and his wife, Lil, hung their Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder right outside their kitchen. They love seeing the beautiful “gem-like” birds that frequent their Jewel Box each day from May through September.

Oriole Fest feeder

The final component of the “Linelle Special” is the Bird’s Choice Oriolefest. Baltimore Orioles are some of the most beautiful summer visitors we have here in Minnesota.  They are prized by anyone who can attract and keep them. Lin has amazing luck attracting and keeping Baltimore Orioles with his Oriolefest. He loves sharing pictures of “his orioles,” as they feed on Songbird Essential Birdberry Jelly.

Lin is a valued member of the Eagan team and he is always eager to share his favorite feeders and his extensive backyard birding knowledge. Next time you are in the area,  stop by and ask him about “The Linelle Special!”

Article by ANN MCCARTHY. Photos (except hummingbird) by LINELLE JOHNSON.