Pole System Basics

SPRING IS A GREAT TIME TO PLAN AND INSTALL A BIRD FEEDING POLE SYSTEM. Here at All Seasons Wild Bird Store, we carry Erva Pole Systems because they’ve been manufacturing quality bird feeding systems for over five decades, they offer the heaviest duty bird feeding hardware on the market, and they’re made in the USA. I personally love this system because it is very versatile and can be added to as your hobby grows.

1) Select a pole height

Poles come in 80″, 74″ and 60″ heights. The 80″ pole allows you to hang longer, tube-style feeders with sufficient clearance over a squirrel baffle. The 60″ pole is great for reaching a top-mounted, hopper-style feeder without a step stool. The 74″ pole works well for use with 2-, 3- or 4-arm tops, from which you can hang multiple feeders.

Use a 60″ pole to be able to reach a top-mounted feeder


2) Select an anchor

Twister ground auger The twister is a ground auger that twists 20 inches into the ground and includes a set screw to tighten against the pole to prevent wobbling. Another option is to use the patio base, which has a 24″- diameter and ½”-round cross bars. The center tube extends up 3 inches and accepts 1″ poles. A set screw tightens against the pole to keep it straight. 14″-long anchors can be used to stabilize the patio base when it is used in the Patio base yard.

Patio Base
Twister ground auger

3) Select feeder attachments

Use a feeder-mounting flange plate to mount a feeder directly to the top of a pole. This works well for hopper or platform feeders. For hanging feeders, install wrought iron arms made with 7/16″ square steel. These arms come in two-arm, three-arm or four-arm tops. A cardinal-shaped finial adds a decorative touch! Add a Quick Connect™ 24″ hanger in a branch-shaped style to provide extra perching space, as well as to provide additional spots to hang smaller feeders like hummingbird feeders. This arm wraps around the pole and installs without tools.

Flange Plate
4-arm top with cardinal finial
Quick Connect hanger arm

4) Add a baffle

A domed-topped squirrel baffle is a must! Install the baffle with its top 4½’–5′ off the ground. This baffle keeps squirrels from climbing the pole and getting to your seed. The baffle is 16¾” tall and 6¼” in diameter.

Torpedo style baffle

5) Additional mounting options

Clamp-mount deck hangers tighten onto the top rail of a deck and include adjustable height, single-arm, or 2-arm styles. Also available is a baluster-mount porch hanger, which clamps around the vertical bars of a deck or porch railing. Both of these deckmount poles allow you to hang your feeders near the house, bringing birds up close for excellent viewing.

Clamp-mount deck hangers
Baluster-mount porch hanger

For more information on pole system installation, our Discouraging Squirrels hand-out can be picked up in store or viewed on our website.