Suet 101

Suet is the hard, white fat found near the kidneys and loins of ruminant animals (beef and sheep). It is largely a bi-product of the meat industry. Suet is a “super food” for birds providing much needed protein and fat especially during the colder months.

Suet comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. It attracts multiple species including chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, jays, and most woodpeckers (Hairies, Downies, Red-bellieds, flickers, and Pileated).

Suet feeders are typically constructed from metal or recycled plastic. They hold small cakes, large cakes, balls, and nuggets. They accommodate perching birds as well as clinging birds. Some suet feeders are even designed for upside down feeding, which helps deter bully birds like starlings and grackles. Additionally, offering suet nuggets or cakes in a tray feeder will be a big hit with cardinals, orioles, and grosbeaks.

Our top selling suet product is No Drip, All-Season Attractor Roasted Peanut Suet Plugs. This product is made by Woodpecker Products, located in Austin, Minnesota. It is designed for use in a beautiful birch log feeder, which would make a wonderful gift for the bird lover who has everything.

Suet can be fed year-round. Like all feeders, keep your suet feeders filled with fresh product and clean it regularly using warm water and dish soap.


  • Deter squirrels and raccoons with baffles and suet containing capsicum (chili pepper extract).
  • Avoid using suet and seed products with raisins and macadamia nuts if you are a dog owner.

By Eagan Store Manager ANN MCCARTHY