Staff Favorite: Birds Choice Medium Fly-Thru Feeder

From time to time, we like to check in with our staff at the different All Seasons Wild Bird Store locations to see what their favorite products are in their own backyards. This month, we bring you the favorite of Gail Conley, a Sales Associate at the White Bear Lake location.

Gail’s choice is the Birds Choice Medium Fly-Thru Feeder. (Note: this feeder is not currently—as of January 2023—available to purchase on our website, but most of our stores keep it in stock on site. Call any of our locations before you visit to check for availability.)

This feeder:

  • Attracts many birds and invites larger birds such as Mourning Doves and Blue Jays a place to perch on the edge or sit inside. Also, multiple birds are able to congregate at the same time.
  • Is partly made of recycled plastic which gives another life to plastic products that would normally end up in a landfill.
  • Has a seed tray with drainage holes to keep seed dry.

How Gail sets up the feeder in her feeding station:

“I have it mounted on a pole system which is visually beautiful. Pole systems allow you the opportunity to have a variety of feeder styles on a single pole. I wanted my feeders in one location and went with the following Erva setup: twister base, 60″ pole with a 14″ extension topped with the 3 arm pole top and a domed baffle. I then added another 9″ pole extension where I mounted my Birds Choice Fly-Thru feeder on top. On this pole setup I am able to have the following feeder styles, fly-thru, peanut feeder, tube feeder and tray feeder. Not only do I get to enjoy this attractive setup in my landscaping, also the variety of birds I am able to attract.”

Gail hopes everyone can enjoy the many birds she has seen using this feeder!