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Tag Archives: dried mealworms

Versatile Treats: Mealworms

Many birds—not only orioles and bluebirds—enjoy mealworms and will benefit throughout the year from the protein, fat and fiber they provide.  Mealworms are actually the larval form of the mealworm beetle, also known as the darkling beetle. They are not slimy but rather easy to work with. Serving mealworms will aid your birds throughout the […]

5 Reasons to Serve Dried Mealworms

Many of us dish up live mealworms in the early summer months to help orioles and bluebirds provide nutrition for their fledglings. But did you know that serving dried mealworms in the winter months offers benefits to a wide variety of backyard birds? Here are five reasons to start mixing dried mealworms in with your […]

Winter Treat: Dried Mealwoms

Here’s a simple demonstration on how to mix dried mealworms with your bird seed to create a delicious treat for chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds and many other glorious songbirds. We now carry dried mealworms and suet with dried mealworms from Pacific Bird and Supply Co. See the video, below:

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