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5 Reasons to Serve Dried Mealworms

Many of us dish up live mealworms in the early summer months to help orioles and bluebirds provide nutrition for their fledglings. But did you know that serving dried mealworms in the winter months offers benefits to a wide variety of backyard birds?

Pacific Bird Supply Dried Mealworm bucket
Pacific Bird Supply Dried Mealworm bucket

Here are five reasons to start mixing dried mealworms in with your seed.

  1. It’s incredibly easy! Simply mix any amount in with your regular seed mix in a tray or hopper feeder and watch the birds come flocking!
  2. Dried mealworms are nutritious. They provide the perfect balance of protein, fat and fiber to promote bird health and vigor.
  3. Mealworms appeal to birds’ natural instincts. Insects like mealworms are naturally a part of many songbirds’ diets.
  4. Attract a greater variety of birds. Serving dried mealworms with your seed may attract new species that aren’t attracted to seed alone. Among winter bird species that eat dried mealworms are: chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches, woodpeckers and the occasional bluebird or American Robin.
  5. Freeze-dried mealworms won’t spoil or crawl away! Dried mealworms are less maintenance than live mealworms and can even be re-hydrated with a little bit of water or nectar.

If you’d like the benefits of dried mealworms without the extra step of mixing them in with seed, you can also try serving a Bugs, Nuts & Fruit cake or cylinder. Or, try serving Pacific Bird and Co. suet cakes with mealworms.