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Ann's Window to nature. Earth Day: How you can help songbirds

Earth Day: How You Can Help Songbirds

Ann’s Window to Nature The Bad News ~ Ongoing habitat loss and decay continue to devastate wildlife and wildlands nationwide. In fact, in North America alone, we have lost roughly 3 billion songbirds in the last 50 years. The Good News~ We can make a difference in our own backyards with minimal effort and at very little cost. The State…

Critical Tree Pollinators

Many varieties of trees and shrubs depend on pollinators to reproduce, such as apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. Insect pollinators include bees, butterflies, beetles, moths, flies and wasps. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources we have about 400 native wild bee species. Some examples of trees that are pollinated by insects include: Eastern Redbuds, Nannyberry and Gray…