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Video: Bluebird Nestbox Recommendations

All Seasons Wild Bird Store ( put together recommendations for nest boxes based on information from the following sources:…​…​​ See also:…​…​ This video discusses placement for bluebird nestboxes, selection of bluebird houses, monitoring bluebird nests, and resources for learning more about hosting bluebirds. Special thanks to George Brown, the BBRP and Ray Marshall for photographs…

checking nest box

Fall Task: Clean Out Birdhouses

Why it’s important to clean birdhouses Cleaning out the birdhouses in your yard is one way to protect your backyard birds from pests and disease while making your birdhouses more attractive for new nesting birds. The fall clean up is very important. Dirty birdhouses can harbor rodents, insects, feather mites and bacteria that can spread disease to nesting birds and…