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Blue Jay spreading its wings

Rhapsodies in Blue: Blue Jays

The Blue Jay is one of our loudest and most colorful backyard songbirds. The mighty jay is fearless, great at mimicking and an outstanding survivalist known for intelligence, complex social systems and tight family bonds. Here are some insights into the life and habits of this gregarious species. That Amazing Color and a Fantastic “Mohawk” This large-crested bird has various…

Who Eats Peanuts?

“Who eats peanuts?” many customers ask as they pass the in shell peanuts and peanut pick-out barrels in the store. Many of our backyard birds love peanuts and benefit for peanuts’ high protein and rich fat. See our selection of peanut-based foods and feeders here. Blue Jays Grab and Go Blue Jays are adept at pulling whole peanuts through the…