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Seasonal Notes: September

keep hummer feeders upOrioles Out; Hummers Still Here

We lament the migration of the orioles as they leave this week. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds will continue to visit feeders well into October. Male hummingbirds migrate first so we will be seeing mostly females and juveniles at the feeders. Change your nectar every three days or so. Apply mint extract to the nectar ports to deter bees and wasps.

Welcome, Juncos!

Dark-eyed Juncos arrive in September and forage on the ground under the feeders. Sprinkle a little Finches’ Choice on the ground to welcome them.

Other Migration Movements .  .  .

American Crows are seen in noisy communal roosts as we move into autumn.  American Coots begin to arrive on area lakes.

Dark-eyed Junco
Welcome Dark-eyed Juncos sometime this month by sprinking some Finches’ Choice below feeders.

Migration begins in earnest for monarch butterflies, various warblers, sandpipers and Broad-winged Hawks.


By CAROL CHENAULT, Manager of the Minnetonka All Seasons Wild Bird Store location