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Mourning Dove


Mourning DoveIdentification

The Mourning Dove is in the same family as pigeons and is easily recognized by its small head, plump body and low-pitched, cooing voice. Its plumage is mostly light brown with darker gray wing tips. You can recognize it in flight by its pointed tail with large white spots. A larger bird at the feeder, Mourning Doves are around 12-in long.


These wild doves are abundant in a variety of landscapes, including farms, towns, open woods, fields, scrub, roadsides and grasslands—especially in southern and western Minnesota. Their nests are typically a flimsy platform of twigs placed in coniferous or deciduous trees.


Mourning Doves will come to feeders, though they’ll often feed from the ground. Fast yet clumsy flyers, you’ll likely see Mourning Doves practice repeatedly before successfully landing on a new feeder. Their diet consists of seeds (White Millet and cracked corn are favorites), waste grain, fruit and insects.