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American Robin


American RobinIdentification

An iconic bird throughout North America, the American Robin is a large songbird known for its bright orange belly. A dark head, white eye circle, gray back and white rump also distinguish this type of thrush.

American Robin WinterBehavior

Early to rise, you’ll likely hear their lilting song as one of the first on summer mornings. American Robins spend much of the day patrolling lawns for insects and worms or dining on berries from trees, while defending their territories with authority. Though robins will migrate, some may select to over-winter depending on the availability of food and water.

American-Robin-Juvenile_web American-Robin_female_web


Pictured: juvenile American Robin and female American Robin 


Robins do not often visit feeding stations, but are frequent visitors to water features and bird baths. Occasionally, robins may be observed dining on grape jelly from oriole feeders or mealworms.