A Community of Backyard Bird Enthusiasts

An impromptu book-reading session at the Eagan location.
An impromptu book-reading session at the Eagan location.
Visitors to the White Bear Lake All Seasons Wild Bird Store
Customers mingled at a bluebird event at the White Bear Lake location. Photo: Gail Conley

Whether urban, suburban, or rural we all have a sense of place, but our feeling of community lies far beyond geographic boundaries. Community is defined as a group of people who have something in common such as heritage, ethnicity, or interests. A true community provides an emotional connection and a sense of belonging.

As manager of the Eagan All Seasons Wild Bird Store, it’s my experience that shopping in our stores provides a sense of community to our customers, especially to our Frequent Feeder Members.

Here at the Eagan location, we have truly created a community. On Saturdays, our little birdseed store is rockin’ with young families that stop in after their swim lessons next door. During the week, our regulars stop by for their “usual,” which sounds a bit like something from the old sitcom Cheers…. “NORM!” We visit about birds, bird feeding and squirrels. We visit about kids, vacations, and the weather. Our little bird store has become part of their routine—a community created through the shared love of backyard birds.

New to backyard birding? Stop in and chat with any of our local backyard birding experts at All Seasons Wild Bird Stores. You just may find a community while attracting birds to your yard!

By Eagan Store Manager ANN MCCARTHY