Your Donated Feeders Make a Difference!


Your feeders found new homes with the Scouts of America, a nature center and Wayzata Schools.

Each year we hold a Feeder Swap sale, during which we ask our customers to bring in a used bird feeder to donate in exchange for 20% off a new feeder (in addition to their Frequent Feeder Member Discounts).

In turn, we fix and clean the donated feeders and present them to local organizations.

This year, we were approached by the regional director of Scouts of America, who requested some of the donated feeders for families in need as part of their Unite for Earth Day.

We thought this sounded like a great fit, so we prepared 110 feeders for donation to the Scouts, including: 44 mixed-seed feeders, 27 Nyjer® Feeders, 8 hummingbird feeders, 7 squirrel-resistant feeders, 6 oriole feeders, 6 peanut feeders, 6 tray feeders, and 6 suet feeders.

We also provided 12 feeders to the nature center in Orono, Minnesota and 3 feeders to Wayzata schools.

Finally, All Seasons Wild Bird Stores donated 60 pounds of Joe’s Mix, 30 pounds of Nyjer®, 12 pounds of Peanut Pickouts and 6 peanut butter suet cakes.

THANK YOU for donating feeders—your gift gives youth and adults a window to nature!