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Staff Insights: What We Learned in 2018

Our expert staff members have been feeding birds for years, yet we learned some new things in our backyards in 2018. Take what you want from our insights to apply to your bird feeding in the new year!

By Minnetonka Manager CAROL CHENAULT

Cardinal eating Songbird Delight seed mix

I began using Songbird Delight in a large tray feeder. Less mess and the birds love it! -Sue

Hummingbird feeder

Multiple hummingbird feeders located on different sides of the house attracted more hummingbirds and reduced the fighting and territorial behavior. -Kathy

Rain guard over hummingbird feeder

Rain guards work! Hummingbirds fed more often and for longer periods on a nectar feeder sheltered under a rain guard. –Carol

tail prop style suet feeder with Pileated Woodpecker

The tail prop style suet feeders really do bring in the larger woodpeckers. –Kathy

Flaming hot pepper seed cake and suet

To feed on a short pole without a baffle, the compressed seed cylinders like Flaming Hot Feast or Golden Safflower kept the squirrels and deer from eating the seed. Insect and Hot Pepper suet even attracted bluebirds while keeping the squirrels at bay.

Bluebird on nest box in the snow

Weather plays a big part in the activities of the backyard. With the late spring snows the White Bear Lake store did not have nesting bluebirds on the property. However, many customers had successful bluebird broods but nesting started later in the season. –Julie

Finches Choice seed mix

Scattering Finches’ Choice on the ground has been a delightful change for me. I’m enjoying the Dark-eyed Juncos and native sparrows feeding in my yard. -Kathy


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