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Round up for birds!

Round Up For BirdsYou Can Help Us Raise Money for Audubon Minnesota

All Seasons Wild Bird Store is excited to announce that from June 14 through June 30, customers can round up their purchase at any All Seasons Wild Bird Store to donate to Audubon Minnesota. The store will then match contributions dollar for dollar!

Audubon Minnesota works to reduce bird window strikes through the Lights Out project as well as other program efforts.

Lights Out

As migratory birds travel thousands of miles, many of them migrate at night to avoid predation, use celestial cues for navigation, and maximize daylight foraging hours.

Bright city lights lure nighttime migrants into urban areas and confuse them by obscuring the moon and stars. Once trapped in the bright, windowed maze of the city, birds may crash into buildings or circle buildings until they collapse from exhaustion.

Turning out unnecessary lights at night can reduce bird mortality from collisions by over 80 percent. With your support, Audubon Minnesota will work with building owners and managers across Minnesota to help birds to safely navigate the night and make it to their breeding or wintering grounds. See the above video for simple tips to help migrating birds.