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Best Bird Seeds for Winter

Chickadee doing pull ups by Jim Weisman
A Black-capped Chickadee samples some golden safflower (Photo by Jim Weisman)
As with every season, you should select seed for the type of birds you’d like to attract and the environment in which you reside. However, in cold weather climates, you should also consider birds’ additional energy needs. Birds must eat more per hour during cold weather in order to energize their metabolism and produce body heat. With fewer daylight hours in which to feed, birds need high fat and nutrient dense foods.

Here are some suggestions for winter bird feeding:

  • Best single-source seeds/nuts: Black oil sunflower, golden safflower and peanuts
  • Best mix to discourage European Starlings: Golden Safflower as they don’t like it as well as black oil sunflower.
  • Best seed mix to attract a variety of birds: Joe’s Mix is our signature blend and provides a full spectrum of seeds, something for every seed eating bird.
  • Best mix to treat your birds: Cabin Mix is loaded with peanuts and black oil sunflower. Berry Nutty (available in stores) has dried fruit, larger nut meats and lots of sunflower out of the shell.
  • Best mix for little to no clean-up in the spring: Kracker Jax or medium sunflower chips.