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Reflecting on Seasonal Changes

I feel a bit wistful after the orioles leave for Mexico, Central and South America. I will miss their chatter and their beauty. I am cheered by the Hummingbirds that visit my yard more frequently in September than during nesting season. I keep the feeders filled with fresh nectar well into October, just in case.

I hope to catch sight of the Cedar Waxwings that will feed on the High Bush Cranberry, Red Osier Dogwoods and crabapple tree in my yard. Sometimes they strip the berries from the branches while I am gone at work.

I look forward to the arrival of the Dark-eyed Juncos with their pink bill and classy gray plumage. Maybe this winter the yard will host Red-breasted Nuthatches as well. Perhaps the Northern Flicker that came to eat suet last winter will return.

Now that nesting is completed and the need to be territorial is passed, many more cardinals grace the yard. Each season brings something fresh to backyard birding!

By Minnetonka Store Manager CAROL CHENAULT