Eagan Manager Linda Gorr Featured on Kare 11

All Seasons Wild Bird Store’s Eagan Manager Talks to KARE 11 about Raising Monarch Butterflies.

Monarch butterflies play an important role in pollinating our perennial flowers, plants and trees, annuals and even vegetables. But their populations are faltering under extreme weather conditions and vanishing habitats. How can you help? We have a kit that allows you to raise and release your own Monarchs in our stores (call your location for availability) for under $25. We also offer milkweed seed balls and butterfly feeders. Come talk with Linda at the Eagan store or any of our expert staff to find out more!

Linda Gorr on Kare11 Talks about Raising Monarchs at Eagan All Seasons Wild Bird Store
Eagan Manager Linda Gorr talks about raising Monarch butterflies

From Kare11.com:

EAGAN, Minn. – “When it’s quiet in the room, you can hear them chewing,” says Linda Gorr, Manager at the All Seasons Wild Bird Store in Eagan.

It’s the sound of dozens of monarch caterpillars devouring the milkweed that she replaces daily.

“They’ll eat that whole stem. That will be gone tomorrow morning and then you put a fresh piece in there for them.”

For seven years she has raised and released monarch butterflies. She released 156 last year and has a goal of 200 this year all out of the store she manages in Eagan.

“Oh… all the stages are my favorite part. I love watching it!” she remarks.

It’s a 30-day process – 10 days each as an egg, a caterpillar, and a chrysalis.

On the day I was here, three were ready to be set free and Linda let me have the honor. It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling to watch the newly formed butterflies head out into the world.

Each All Seasons Wild Bird store sells the materials for raising monarchs. Linda says she would be happy to chat with you if you’d like to do it yourself. Or just come in to see who’s being born anew today.

Linda’s store is in Eagan, but there are also locations in Bloomington, Minnetonka, White Bear Lake and Wayzata.