Where to Place Your Feeders

One of the best ways that you can ensure successful bird feeding in your yard is to carefully consider the placement of your feeders. Baffles and seed choice are also important, but if feeders are easily accessible to critters, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle!

Squirrels are amazing acrobats, leaping to feeders that are 4–5′ off the ground, up to 12′ from a branch, fence or building, or dropping up to 20′ without getting hurt! This means you’ll need to place your feeding stations outside of their jumping ranges. Be thorough in your observation of your yard, considering potential perches from tree branches and trunks, deck rails, roofs and fence posts. 

Use the following diagram as a guide. Consider placing a pole system with multiple arms in a single location to maximize your selected location.

Once you have your feeders placed, remember to use pole baffles for feeders that are mounted in place, and dome-shaped baffles for feeders that are hanging.

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