We ♥️ Our Employees!

This year, All Seasons Wild Bird Store celebrated 30 years in business, serving the local community of backyard birding enthusiasts. We attribute much of our success to our friendly, knowledgeable and loyal employees. So loyal, in fact, that the great majority of our employees have been with us for over 5 years.

Why do our employees stay on with us for so long? It’s probably because most of they started coming to All Seasons Wild Bird Stores as customers; they’re passionate about birds, and therefore passionate about the business. Here’s a breakdown of some of our store employees and how long they’ve been with us:

5+ Years
10+ Years
15+ Years
20+ Years
30+ Years
Lisa Stanford (9 yrs)
Manager and Office Administrator, Bloomington

Keith Fyle (8 yrs)
Sales Associate, White Bear Lake

Mike Mason (7 yrs)
Sr. Sales Associate, White Bear Lake

Mark Newstrom (7 yrs)
Sr. Sales Associate, Minnetonka

Barbara Pietig (9 yrs)
Sales Associate, Wayzata

Judy Ross (5yrs)
Sales Associate, White Bear Lake 

James Weisman (9 yrs)
Sr. Sales Associate, Wayzata

Dave Wee (7 yrs)
Sales Associate, Bloomington

Sue Penk (12 yrs)
Manager, Wayzata

Julie Ziemer (11 yrs)
Manager, White Bear Lake

Kris Cargill (10 yrs)
Sales Associate, Wayzata

Sharon Veno (14 yrs)
Sr. Sales Associate, Minnetonka

Lee Swenson (11 yrs)
Sales Associate, Bloomington


Carol Chenault (18 yrs)
Manager, Minnetonka

Katy Shannon (15 yrs)
Sr. Sales Associate, Wayzata

Karen Wisti (15 yrs)
Sales Associate, Bloomington

Roy Shemanek (25 yrs)
Sales Associate, Bloomington
Steve Endres (36 yrs)
Manager, Bloomington*

*Astute readers may notice that one of our long-term employees, Bloomington Manager Steve Endres, has been with the store longer than we have been in business! Steve was an employee at the former MN Greenery store at the Bloomington location, and was instrumental in helping us to transition and expand the Bloomington location. He is a fixture of and customer favorite at the Bloomington location. He is retiring in January 2022.