Squirrel-defeating Birdfeeding

Feeder PlacementAs with real estate, it’s “location, location, location” when feeding birds but defeating squirrels. A pole system feeding station set up 12 feet from over-hanging limbs or deck railings with a baffle on the pole 5 feet off the ground provides for squirrel free bird feeding.

If your yard does not allow such a set up, there are other options to defeat the squirrels. Squirrels have thousands more taste buds than birds and therefore react strongly to the deterrent of hot pepper added to bird food. Birds, on the other hand, don’t seem to notice.

Hot pepper suets
A few of our hot pepper products we have available.

Suet cakes, seed cakes and seed cylinders containing hot pepper are a ready-made solution. If you prefer using tube feeders and hopper feeders with loose seed, adding hot pepper oil or powder works great too. All of these products are available at All Seasons Wild Bird Stores.

Of course, there is a whole array of squirrel resistant feeders to choose from at all of our neighborhood stores. Some of our favorites can be found on our web site in the squirrel resistant section.

For more information, visit our Troubleshooting Pests page. We can help you keep the “peace” in backyard bird feeding.