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Sky Café Feeder Pictured in Star Tribune Article

The photograph of the Sky Café featured in the Star Tribune article. Credit: Glen Stubbe,

Customers Request Feeder Pictured in Article about Carrol Henderson’s New Book

We’ve had several customers come in to the stores lately with a clipping from the December 23, 2015 article in the Star Tribune about birder Carrol Henderson’s new book. The book, Feeding Wild Birds in America, looks like a great read—it  features practical advice on how to increase the variety of species coming to your feeders, but it also details the history of bird feeding in America. But that’s not what our customers are asking about! Rather, it’s the Sky Café feeder, pictured in the article.

A Favorite Feeder for Staff and Customers

We’ve been a fan of this feeder for some time: its large capacity (1.5 gallon!) means fewer trips out to fill it, the tray provides a surface for a variety of birds like cardinals to land, and the cone-shaped “hat” keeps seeds dry and discourages squirrels (for best results, we recommend using it with a pole system placed away from branches and rooftops). Plus, the clear, durable Plexiglas case allows you to easily see the level of seed inside.

You can purchase the Sky Café feeder from our online store, or call any of our 5 All Seasons Wild Bird Store locations for availability in stores.

And keep bringing in the articles! We love hearing from you.