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Category Archives: General

White Bear Lake Bluebird Workshop

Join Us April 2, 2017 for “Let’s Talk Bluebirds!” George Brown, coordinator for Ramsey County Bluebird Recovery Program of MN (, will be leading a Bluebird Workshop at our White Bear Lake store April 2 from noon until 3pm. George has been monitoring bluebird trails since 1995. He currently monitors bluebird trails at Dellwood Hills […]

Hang a Feeder and They Will Come?

A Novice Bird Feeder’s Journey to Successfully Attracting Birds by All Seasons Wild Bird Store (in Eagan) employee, SANDRA TOCKO If you are reading this, you are either currently feeding birds or aspire to do so. Hopefully you are not in the same position I was four years ago—throwing money into the bird feeding industry, […]

VIDEO: 5 Winter Bird Myths

This Video Debunks 5 Winter Bird Myths Common to the Twin Cities Metro Area For more information (including two additional myths), see our January/February 2017 edition of our Bird’s-Eye View Newsletter! Save Save

Nesting Owls: Signs of Spring!

Guess Who’s Feeling Frisky? It may not feel like spring to us, but the owls are beginning to feel a bit frisky these days. Sometimes at night you can hear their hooting and calling. The calling is a part of their mating ritual. The males usually stay in one area and call out to females […]

Sky Café Feeder Pictured in Star Tribune Article

Customers Request Feeder Pictured in Article about Carrol Henderson’s New Book We’ve had several customers come in to the stores lately with a clipping from the December 23, 2015 article in the Star Tribune about birder Carrol Henderson’s new book. The book, Feeding Wild Birds in America, looks like a great read—it  features practical advice […]

Crow Using Tool Experiment

In this amazing video (below), you’ll see a crow think 8 steps ahead as it secures tool after tool to get a piece of meat. It’s just one example of how smart birds can be! Source: BBC TWO

How to Use Suet Plugs with Suet Logs

Woodpeckers of all types are attracted to easy-to-use and attractive suet logs. In this video, Wayzata Store Manager Melissa Block, shows how to fit standard suet plugs into holes of varying sizes by simply heating them a little. Transcript: Hi I’m Melissa I’m the manager or our Wayzata All Seasons Wild Bird Store and today […]

Behind the Lens (Full Article)

Note: this blog entry features the full interview of amateur photographer and All Seasons Wild Bird Store team member, Jim Weisman. A portion of this article was printed in the September/October 2015 edition of our Bird’s-Eye View in-store newsletter. With patience, a playset blind, and “a lot of luck,” All Seasons Wild Bird Store employee […]

Raptors Live! Event August 22nd

SPECIAL IN-STORE EVENT Don’t miss your chance to see live raptors from Warner Nature Center up close and in person! A naturalist will bring live raptors for demonstration, will answer your questions and provide information about these magnificent birds. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch the birds at feeding time!

Fall Migration Begins

Migration Events to Anticipate in Late Summer to Autumn As you read this, fall migration will be well underway. This generally north-to-south movement follows a similar pattern each year. This list below gives you an idea of what to expect. But always remember, birds don’t read the books! MID-JULY Fall migration begins, with the first […]